March 9, 2017

Giving To The Lord Unceasingly

Today is Sunday and on the Christian calendar it's the Sabbath. The day we give to the Lord in it's entirety and rest just as He did on the seventh day.
Here is a graphic that I saw recently which I loved and wanted to share with you all and a little commentary for this Sabbath Day.

This photo speaks of a woman who must stop whatever devotion to the Lord she may be doing and find Him in her household affairs. IE: housekeeping, taking care of the family etc. This also applies to men as well. This is what it means to give to the Lord unceasingly. In the Scriptures, we are told to pray "unceasingly' but what does that exactly mean? 

Well a good example is to constantly have the Lord in our thoughts no matter what we are doing even among the pots and pans. A lot of people think that all prayers must be formal prayers and while those are excellent as well there are other forms of prayer such as mental conversation or audible whichever you choose. I myself spend my day talking to the Lord all the day long. It's not forced it's just something I do. I seem to have conversations with him all day. This is to "pray unceasingly"..and when we pray unceasingly we are giving to the Lord unceasingly. 

As a side note.. Last week I posted that we are asked by God to keep His day holy and are not supposed to do any kind of servile labor (unless you will lose your job) and we are not to do any unnecessary tasks besides preparing and cleaning up from meals. Well I didn't listen to the Lord last week. Yes, I disobeyed Him and I can tell you not only am I sorry for disobeying him because I love Him, I'm also sorry because my body paid a pretty high price for my disobedience. So this Sunday, don't be like me.. Keep the Lords day Holy...

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