February 19, 2017

Not Knowing

There are times in life when not knowing the answer to something can cause great anxiety. It's usually called, fear of the unknown. I try my very best not to be riddled with anxiety when situations and circumstances present themselves in my life that honestly, I have not the first clue about but, there are times when not knowing something can really make you a little stir crazy. Right now for me, well at this moment, it's all about this guy.

For those of you who don't know, this is our Alvin. He was given to us by our veterinarian office back in June of last year. The story was that he was found by an employee and had been at the office for more than two weeks and he needed a good home. They had no other information on him at all except a guestimate about his age and the fact that he was as I was told, "a little crazy" and that he 'has a habit of screaming'.
Of course me being the dog lover I am my first thought was , yes I'll take him. We have rescue's now and have had others so I figured whats one more? Then slowly the questions began to creep in. Could he have genetic health issue's that in the end would cost me all my savings to help him? ( have been there too many times before) Would the other dogs accept him? In a few months time could he literally lose his mind? (have had this happen before) Would his behavioral problems become something at this age I couldn't handle anymore? But as I said, being the absolute dog lover I am, I threw caution to the wind and we took him home. 
Alvin fit in just fine and has become part of us all. We have noticed that yes he does scream but thats because he suffers from severe separation anxiety which we're working on or trying to. We also learned he doesn't like the phrase " bad boy" and takes it quite seriously. We didn't realize how serious until last night.  Once again he wouldn't come in from outside when I called him so I told him he was a "bad boy".
That did it. He stayed still as a statue in the backyard and wouldn't move. I could have offered him all the cookies in the world, he wasn't moving. Just sitting and staring. Finally my Mr. got him to come up to the back door which he was doing very gingerly as if he thought I was going to beat him or something. When he reached my husband he was cowering in fear and peeing at the same time. Once my Mr reassured him everything was okay he walked slowly over to me and was peeing again and cowering. It absolutely broke - my - heart. I scooped him up and put some serious lovin' on him he probably thought I was never going to let him go. 

This is the bad part about a rescue. You just never know what may have happened to them before they came to you and that not knowing is truly tough. My heart broke for him all night every time I thought about this incident. Alvin slept curled up next to me all night long and my husband I have vowed to never, ever tell him he's a bad boy ever again. 


  1. Hello Robyn so glad you put me on your side bar. What a wonderful Ministry for dog rescue... what a very sweet story. When I got home I told my dog good boy. Blessings Roxy

    1. Hi Roxy, thank you so much for coming over to my blog.. I just loved what I saw on your blog today so I had to add you to my list.. I"m also following so I don't miss any of your posts.. Thank you again and God bless you


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